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Hands On Science

This has been a busy week of hands on science with a special day at Bartlett Public Library.   We had a sold out room of students.    Thursday is an outing with Girl Scouts for a hands on science program.   Lots … Continue reading

Illinois, Indiana and Michigan Science Shows

This is the busiest week of the year to date of shows.   The entire month of Feb. just had a handful of off days.   Getting Excited About Science will be presented at many schools across 3 states this week and … Continue reading

Home School Science

Every year in addition to libraies, schools, scouts, fairs and park districts, we perform for organized home school groups.    This Wednesday I will be performing a reapeat show for a home school group that had me 2 years ago.    I … Continue reading

High School Science Assembly

Getting Excited About Science will be presented at Thorton Township High School this week.    Each year we present show for a few high schools.    Last year’s show was a great success and I look forward to the challange.   Elephant toothpaste … Continue reading

Sensational Science at Library

Here is the Chicago Sun Times write up for the Sensational Science show at a library this weekend.   This is the general science show from Getting Excited About Science.   This is a busy weekend with 3 library shows.