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PTA Science Assembly

Here is a short review and photos from a Feb. 2017 Science School Assembly.   PTA Science Assembly

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Simple Machines Science and Inventions

Palatine, Illinois school saw how simple machines are used in everyday life along with some large scale examples.  The show featured a tug of war where 1 girl beat 4 boys, a 6′ Chicago Style Draw bridge, Giant Screw, shot … Continue reading

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Astronomy and my Dad

I used to own a big and heavy 10″ relfecting telescope that was 4′ long mounted on a heavy EQ mount.   I used to love to bring it with me when I visited my parents house outside Cincinnati.    On one … Continue reading

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Forces in Motion School Assemblies

Title: Forces in Motion School Assemblies Location: Long Grove, Illinois Description: 2 School Assemblies with the Forces in Motion Science show Date: 2014-12-01

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Forces in Motion: Hovercraft

One part of the Forces in Motion show is using a real, working hovercraft.   Here is a link to a video that is on the Getting Excited About Science  Facebook page.!/video.php?v=875008309210681&set=vb.126009930777193&type=2&theater  

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