Sensational Science at Library

Here is the Chicago Sun Times write up for the Sensational Science show at a library this weekend.   This is the general science show from Getting Excited About Science.   This is a busy weekend with 3 library shows.

Have a book, will travel Science

Scince show in library.   The girl is trying to help figure out where OZ is from.   The 10′ tall puppet is OZ.    

Science Fair

I was honored to be asked by a science teacher to help judge a local science fair.    I will read all of the papers, study their boards and listen to their presentations.   I take this very seriously and I look … Continue reading

Forces in Motion

Spring 2013 will mark the 5th straight year Getting Excited About Science will be presenting Forces in Motion at Milne Grove School.    The show is  about simple machines and laws of motion and features many large scale demonstrations including the rocket … Continue reading

Earth Day Science Show

As part of the Earth Day Show, there is a segment on “Carbon Footprints”     Just received a link to this terrific video about carbon footprints today and had to share.