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“The Kids had a ton of Fun” (4) Shows for STEM FEST – Kristine Phipps Lincoln School (Elmhurst, IL)

“What a great program “Get Excited About Science” was! I loved that we could take it to ALL the kids at the elementary school. You made quite an impression.”
– Schoolcraft Community Library

“Thank you bringing all your knowledge and excitement of Science to our school. The kids are still talking about the balloons! You are a wonderful way to spend PTA dollars on the children.”
– Kate Bradley & SW PTA

“Thank you for your science presentations today. Surely the excitement created today will motivate many students not only to plan for a science fair project, but perhaps plan for a future in the field of science.”
– Rachelle Doty, Michael Collins Elementary School

“Thanks for coming. I think everyone had a great time. We would love to have you back.”
– Marcy Paul, Muncie Museum

“Earth Day Oooohs, Aaahs”
– Park Ridge Journal

Rave reviews from the kids and families and all of our librarians, too! I appreciate your creativity, thoroughness and willingness to work with us on themes & projects. You’re the best!”
– Elizabeth McChesney, Chicago Public Library

“Better demonstrations than me….We were very happy with your show”
– Brian Agustin, Lake Zurich High School (Chemistry Department)

Professional and compelling….His science was sound and he had our 3rd-5th graders eating out of his hand”
– Randy Linquist, Principal Baldwin Heights Elementary

The teachers were especially impressed with your professionalism, the educational content of your show and your ability to adapt the materials to various age levels”
– Michelle Hecht PTA Science Fair Co-Chair

A great show…I heard nothing but praise all night. One science teacher told me she loved the show because it reinforced things she was teaching.”
– Butch Beedle JC McKenna Middle School

The crowd loved you!
– Elizabeth Schneider, Ann Arbor Library District

Huge Success
– Cheryl Hughes Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

You have an Excellent Show
– Paul Zaloom, Beakman’s World

Thank you again for your wonderful presentation. One dad remarked as he left the program: ‘That was great! You can have Steve back anytime!'”
-Margaret Kownover, Head of Children’s Services, Goshen PL

Video by Suburban Press

Levi Leonard Elmentary “Your program was fast paced, but allowed students to understand the concepts at their own level…The large, easily seen props that you used mad it easy for everyone to see well. … I knew it was successful not only because the teachers told me how much they liked it, but so did many students” – Lou Havlik, Principal

Washburn Elementary – Washburn, IL “You put on a Fantastic Assembly. Students and staff were talking about your performance. I was very pleased with how you controlled the students. Excellent Assembly.” – Gary Heiden, Principal

Worlds of Wonder, Inc. “We never knew learning about scientific principles could be so much fun, or a performer could be so self-sufficient and organized. “Getting Excited About Science” is well worth every penny!”
– Laura O’Shaughnessy, President

MFL MarMac Community School District – Monona, IA “I believe you did a wonderful job of capturing the students’ and teachers’ attention. The concepts were taught in a fun and engaging manner. The assembly was effective in boosting the students the students’ interest in science.”
– Tim Dugger, Principal

Forreston Middle School – Forreston, IL “Good job with the assembly. The presentation was at the 6,7, & 8 grade level. You hit the correct level of understanding. Keep involving the students & teachers.”
Dave Gesin, 8th grade Science Teacher.

Lark Elementary – Northwood, OH “We loved the show a Lark Elementary. Our principal, Sue Davis has heard nothing but positive comments from teachers and students. The fast pace is great for kids.
– Marenda Roach, PTA

Cantrall Elementary – Cantrall, IL “Both principals commented that they thought the show was good & tied well into the curriculum. The liquid nitrogen demonstration was impressive.”
 Sandy Richardson Athens #213 PTO

Gifted School Conference – Crystal Lake, IL “Thanks for doing exactly what you promised. The kids really enjoyed both shows and I appreciate your commitment to our show.”
 Michelle Dellamaria Gifted Student Conference Coordinator

Pathfinder Elementary – Fremont, MI “The Activities were very dynamic and well-demonstrated.”
– Jeff Worman, Principal

West Central Middle School – Francesville, IN “First, we would like to thank you a fabulous academic presentation. Students and staff members had positive comments. Everyone found the consociation to be very interesting and thought provoking. Our students were attentive due to the variety of concepts covered. We especially appreciated you asking questions, having the students predict , and allowing the students to answer incorrectly without being totally embarrassed. It was good for the students to witness the concepts being taught in past present, and future classes. Our students really enjoyed the demonstration on inertia and of course, the liquid nitrogen. We were very satisfied with the material covered.”
– Kay Beasy, Principal & Kathy Minnick, Science Teacher & Sally Sharpe, Science Teacher

Washington Irving School “The older student were especially grateful for the big screen. The kids go a kick out of seeing themselves on the screen and everyone could see the experiments even from the back row! Fabulous assembly”
– Kristy Parton, Cultural Events Coordinator

Andrew Cooke Magnet School “On behalf of Andrew Cooke and myself, thank you so much for the wonderful week of Science! Our kids loved it and are still talking about many things – including the “lava lamps” and the gyroscope our P.E. teacher rode. I appreciate your time and all you did for us. Thanks!
– Todd Freer