School Assemblies

Over 300 shows a year across 11 states makes Getting Excited About Science
the Mid-West’s most popular and best science show.

A student rides a real, working hovercraft at a science school assembly.
A student rides a real, working hovercraft at a science school assembly.

Key Benefits: 

  • Elementary K-2 Assembly
  • Elementary 3-5 Assembly
  • Jr. High 6-8 Assembly
  • Teacher’s guide and follow-up notes available
  • Workshops for students and teachers available

Each show is 45 minutes long and comes with professional sound system and teacher’s guide. Each show is geared to ages of students or for specific themes requested by school or library.

This program presented in an entertaining manner and is full of unexpected happenings. Steve Belliveau, B.S., in Engineering Applied Science, is the dynamic assembly leader. Most shows provides twists to science experiments which exhibit the principles of: Static Electricity, Air Pressure, Water Pressure, Sound, Light/Color/Eyes, Friction, Pulleys, Distribution of Weight, Conservation of Energy and Inductive and Deductive Reasoning. Other Science topics include Chemistry, Astronomy, Science Fair, Green Science, and more.

Appearing on the Bozo show.
Appearing on the Bozo show.

The shows come complete with all equipment, PA, posters and teacher’s guides. The shows are faced paced, use easy to see equipment and props, audience participation, comedy and music. For extra large shows, a jumbo 5’x8’ video screen on a large frame and on stage cameras can be set up. The show’s main focus is to get students to think and discover how things work in a fun way. 

Steve Belliveau is a member of several teaching organizations including National Science Teacher’s Association. He has appeared on TV including the BOZO show, newspapers and radio programs across Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky and Louisiana. Getting Excited About Science was established in 1994.

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