Science History that changed the World at Goat Island

Nicole Tesla proved that AC generators could safely and efficiently tansmit electricity at the Chicago World’s Fair in the Great White City.   Thomas Edison was still fighting him every step of the way.   Because of the sucess in Chicago, Tesla designed generators manufactured by George Westinghouse were installed at Goat Island, Niagara Falls, New York.   This supplied electricity (Carried by cables installed by Thomas Edison) to Buffalo.  This sucess in New York was soon copied through out the world.   During a few different shows which have electricity concepts in them, I tell this story ( along with some neat demonstrations).

1st Commercial AC electric plant in the world
The man who changed the world with AC
Hydro Power that is used to supply AC to much of New York

As another point of interest.   Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin had electricity before many parts of Chicago.    Today, Wisconsin has over 30 hydro electric plants.