Midwest Science Fair

This is Science fair season.    Here is an article about Getting Excited About Science helping to increase the number of students participating in the fair.


With the hard work of the parents and teachers we more than doubled the number of students participating.     In addition, we had a great turn out for the actual science fair which included any student from the school, parents, siblings, and more.    It was a “full house”.

This year I will be attending science fairs in many Midwest states.


Concept Science and Engineering Fair 2011

Getting Excited About Science stage set up

Just finished performing for the Concept Science and Engineering Fair where there were students from 30 schools across 5 states (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Missouri) at Cleveland State University.   This is open to any public school student as a way to promote science, math and engineering.

Feel free to contact me for information about the 2012 fair.