2022 School Science Shows and Workshops

This January 2022 Getting Excited About Science will be conducting workshops multiple schools. One principal said they could not wait to have us back and booked an assembly and 3 workshops. Another school will have 2 after school workshops for gifted 5th grade students. A third school will have an evening science fair show.

This past week, there have ben multiple inquiries on spring science school assemblies.

All shows, assemblies and workshops are guaranteed to engage students, teachers, staff and parents. We look forward to 2022.

Very Busy 2016 Summer

Summer of 2016 had public shows in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.  The shows were at libraries, schools, park districts, entertainment series, and festivals.

It is always great fun to perform for these groups.   The families come out for fun.   The show is fast moving fun and teaches science. It is great when both adults and children come up and tell me how much they learned (and laughed).science-poster

Simple Machines Science and Inventions

Palatine, Illinois school saw how simple machines are used in everyday life along with some large scale examples.  The show featured a tug of war where 1 girl beat 4 boys, a 6′ Chicago Style Draw bridge, Giant Screw, shot put pendulum, wheels and a rocket car.   This is the 6th time I have performed for this school.

Fun with Simple Machines
Simple Machines Science Show and real life examples

School Field Trips, Spooky Science and STEM

This October there have been the school assembly science shows, but new this year is a series of shows for the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago for school field trips.  This is a beautiful stage and historic building.   Shows are October 21 and 27.   October 21 is already sold out at the time of this post.   Here is a link    https://www.oldtownschool.org/concerts/2015/10-21-2015-FT-Getting%20Excited%20About%20Science-1030am/

Toward the end of October there are many park district and school Spooky Science shows including shows in Palos Heights, Minooka, Riverside, West Chicago and North Riverside.

Earlier in October Getting Excited About Science was featured at Prairie State College STEM day.  It was great fun and great enthusiasm with the students.  https://www.facebook.com/GetScience/posts/1060898057288371 Here is a link to the STEM program

Elementary School Reference

I just received this e-mail tonight.  I was at Mill Creek School this morning.

Mr. Belliveau:
On behalf of Mill Creek Elementary School, we’d like to thank you for your fun yet educational presentation today.  My son loved the hovercraft and the liquid nitrogen trick where the balloon blew up.  A lot of what you discussed coincided with what many classrooms were directly learning in their Science classes right now!
I liked how you were able to make your presentation work for not only for the littler audience members but also increase the difficulty level for the older kids.  You kept the kids entertained and
interested for the entire presentation and that’s really hard to do!
Thanks again for your time and “positive energy” !
Melanie Gayton
Co-Assemblies Coordinator
Mill Creek Elementary School


Science workshop and Science Fair Shows

This first week of January, 2015 has a gifted 5th grade science workshop.   This marks the 7th year in a row I have been at this school and the secretary and a handful of teachers know me.   Always a pleasure to see the “light” go on in students when the discover how an electric motor works.

Later this week I will be performing 2 assemblies to kick off the Science Fair at a school.   Students will get their science fair packet at the end of the school day and will be encouraged to participate in the science fair.    I also love to see the enthusiam of the students who are eager to get started.