Science workshop and Science Fair Shows

This first week of January, 2015 has a gifted 5th grade science workshop.   This marks the 7th year in a row I have been at this school and the secretary and a handful of teachers know me.   Always a pleasure to see the “light” go on in students when the discover how an electric motor works.

Later this week I will be performing 2 assemblies to kick off the Science Fair at a school.   Students will get their science fair packet at the end of the school day and will be encouraged to participate in the science fair.    I also love to see the enthusiam of the students who are eager to get started.

December Science Rush

Kid's love the hovercraft
Kid's have a blast

The last week of school before the holiday break (December 15 – 19) is getting booked up.   This is always a hot week for school assemblies and 2014 is no exception.   Currently there are school shows in Oak Forest, IL, Willow Springs, IL, Hinsdale, IL and a hands on science workshop in Spencer, WI.

Beat the rush for “Hot weeks” and book early.

Hands On Science

Excited students at workshop

This has been a busy week of hands on science with a special day at Bartlett Public Library.   We had a sold out room of students.    Thursday is an outing with Girl Scouts for a hands on science program.   Lots of supplies are ready and I know the girls will be excited.    Later this week are school shows, cub scout shows and library shows.

Science Rocks & Fossils

These are a part ot a show for primary students where they wanted to talk about rocks and fossils.     Check out my fish, he came from Montana at the same site that US President Truman got his (which he later gave to the leader of Japan as a gift.)    Millions of years of history here on the bench.    Of course, the kids still like the shark’s teeth.

Science Rocks
Science Rocks

Concept Science and Engineering Fair 2011

Getting Excited About Science stage set up

Just finished performing for the Concept Science and Engineering Fair where there were students from 30 schools across 5 states (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Missouri) at Cleveland State University.   This is open to any public school student as a way to promote science, math and engineering.

Feel free to contact me for information about the 2012 fair.